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Cracks in the Wall

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A very interesting lawsuit was filed today in Federal Court right here in Chicago......

The Justice Dept. is suing the National Board of Realtors for restraint of trade or similar action. Seems that the JD thinks it's not right for the big boys to restrict listings from the internet brokers who charge lesser fees.

If this flies, we will be looking @ the beginning of the end for high commission rates. If the internet was actually used in the manner that it could be, i.e., put the friggin' listings up on the net & let people look @ 'em, realtors, as we know them, are dinosaurs.

I get all warm & fuzzy feeling just thinking about it.......

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Originally posted by hausdok


By the same token, it should be illegal to allow some inspectors to leave flyers and such while telling others they can't. Or, giving out a list of 'approved' inspection companies to their agents.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not advocating the whole realtor/inspector thing. However, it they were prohibited by law from trying to steer clients or from picking and choosing which inspectors' literature would be allowed in their offices, they'd lose some of their sway over so many new to the business and I don't think they'd be so easily corrupted.

Just call me naive'.



Let me start my disagreement with Mike by saying I don't leave flyers/brochures in any realty offices and I don't care who does or does not.

However I look at this strictly from a business standpoint, If I'm running a private business, then I should get to call the shots about who or who does not get to leave stuff in my store.

If I was King [:-king], there'd be no flyers/brochures left in offices. And to avoid the appearance of a conflict of interest, whether real or imagined, there'd be no realtors referring HI's or any other trade that could affect the transaction (such as pest control companies, appraisers).

I'd make a declaration that any consumer who was too lazy or stupid to do their own research to find an HI, doesn't deserve to own a home anyway. [:-dunce]

I'm glad to see that the JD is going after the big boys. It should be a good fight. Our state RA [:-witch] has been whining and trying to undermine the FSBO companies in the state for some time now.

I love to see the little guys win. [:-thumbu]

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