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Min/Max receptacle height above floor?

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Commonly recetpacles are installed 12-18 inches above floor height. In basements, garages and workshops it is often common to see them installed about 48 inches above the floor. Todays inspection had receptacles installed about 48 inches above the floor in a bedroom. Seemed out of place.

Is there a code reference that sets the min or max height of receptacles above floor height? I can find a reference for set back from flush etc. but no min/max height above floors.

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- 210.52 Dwelling Unit Receptacle Outlets.

- - This section provides requirements for 125-volt, 15- and 20-ampere receptacle outlets. The receptacles required by this section shall be in addition to any receptacle that is:

- - (1) Part of a luminaire or appliance, or

- - (2) Controlled by a wall switch in accordance with 210.70(A)(1), Exception No. 1, or

- - (3) Located within cabinets or cupboards, or

- - (4) Located more than 1.7 m (5 1/2 ft) above the floor

- - Permanently installed electric baseboard heaters equipped with factory-installed receptacle outlets or outlets provided as a separate assembly by the manufacturer shall be permitted as the required outlet or outlets for the wall space utilized by such permanently installed heaters. Such receptacle outlets shall not be connected to the heater circuits.

- - - FPN: Listed baseboard heaters include instructions that may not permit their installation below receptacle outlets

(underlining and emphasis added by me)

So it looks like receptacles can be installed at any height BUT the receptalces installed more than 5.5 feet high don't count towards the minimum required for habitable spaces. The so called "6/12" rule.

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