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TPRV jammed against wall

Mike Lamb

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I am told the seal portion of the valve will slide on the rod.

Even so, I always call those out. It is a safety device and it needs to be accessible for the homeowner to perform his routine testing, should he ever read the label and be inclined to follow the procedure.

I have a new one in a box here. I'll check it out.

Update, I tried to separate the valve from the valve rod by jamming the valve open and releasing the handle, but was unable to get the rod to move freely without the valve. Inconclusive results so far.

Update #2 - Do you know that in many cases, the tank can be drained, shifted to the left a couple of inches, and refilled without doing the slightest bit of plumbing or drywall cutting? It can be a very simple fix, in other words. No excuse for it. I have a pic of that same thing with the plumber's company name and phone # proudly displayed on the tank.

Update #3 - This is from a Lochnivar manual "It is recommended that a

minimum clearance of four (4) inches be provided on

the side of the water heater for servicing and maintenance

of the combination temperature and pressure relief valve."

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