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USDOE Site Provides On-Line Training Resources

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Hi All,

As more and more states adopt the ASHRAE residential and commercial design standards, some inspectors are adding energy audits and energy code compliance inspections to their repertoir.

The U.S. Dept of Energy offers a number of free online tools aimed at educating inspectors about these requirements. The link below will take you to USDOE's Education site where one can view videos that explain the new standards as well as view powerpoint presentations and download workbooks designed to educate inspectors about the process.

If anyone has completed any of this training, please post your impressions here.

Here's the link:




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I was thinking about adding energy audits to my list of services.

When I make the switch to full time, I'm hoping this will fill some of the slow time. Or, I may just be prematurely keeping up with my states home inspection requirements.

Once you complete the workbooks, videos or educational requirements, are you certified? Is there a state or national exam?


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