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I've seen kid-built forts with better workmanship

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I thought I'd share this gem from yesterday. It kind of took my breath away. This addition is about the same size as the original 1866 brick structure it's tacked onto. I have no idea what the huge amount of unused (and unusable) space on the second floor was intended for. The only finished space is two rooms on the first floor. yes, they are finished and had been in use for several years.

I can't believe whoever did this was working from plans. He had to be just making it up as he went along.

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I won't go into what I found inside, but I found it safe to assume the same guy did the plumbing, electrical and drywall.

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Thanks for sharing. [:)] Can somebody (banker?) actually offer something like that for sale with a clear conscience?

I suppose it is just another address they would never set foot in themselves.

There's areas around here, mostly in the coastal parishes on the Gulf, that still don't have a code enforcement authority. Houses like that do crop up sometimes and folks buy them out of sheer negligence.


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