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Marble sinktop install

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I am renovating a room and turning it into a bathroom. I have two marble slabs with cutouts for undermount bowl sinks. They are probably original to this 1889 house whenever plumbing was installed. I am guessing 1920-1930. They are stained and in need of cleaning.

Can anyone direct me to the best source of information to clean marble?

I am not aiming for perfection here just a renewed/cleaner look.


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I used re-purposed marble from a building exterior in my bathroom, and marble on our kitchen counters is two inches thick and spent the first hundred years of its life as a building component separating the stalls in a men's room in a court house.

Given its previous life, cleaning the marble was important, but each of the pieces had pits from acid rains from various sources. We cleaned with bleach a few times and then I bought a wet polishing set-up which is basically a 5 inch angle grinder with a hole through the arbor. One attaches a hose to the tool and using pads ranging from 50 grit to 4,000 grit you polish to the desired luster. Most of the stains were gone after a few minutes and the counters were completely resurfaced in a few hours.

I stopped at 800 grit in the bathroom which leaves a satin, honed finish and I went through 3,000 in the kitchen which is almost a full gloss.

You can find Chinese kits including the grinders and pads for less than 200 bucks. Rust stains will not come out.

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