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Deck Experts Are Made At DeckExpo 2006


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Need to garner continuing education credits but you're sick and tired of the same tired subjects you've seen at the last 5 home inspection conventions you've attended? If so, why not switch it up this year and try something different? Deck Expo 2006, jointly sponsored by Professional Deck Builder Magazine and the North American Deck and Railing Association (NADRA), will be held in Memphis February 16 - 18, 2006.

This is the deck, dock and railing industry's 4th trade show since their formation about 4 years ago and it promises this year to be bigger and better than ever. Of special interest to home inspectors will be a special pre-conference success seminar entitled Design of Code Conforming Decks & Inspection of Existing Decks presented by Dr. Frank Woeste, P.E., Professor Emeritus & Dr. Joe Loferski, Professor of Wood Science & Forest Products, Virginia Tech.

This special two-day seminar will be held Wednesday, February 15, 9am to 5pm and Thursday, February 16, 8am-4pm, and is meant for designers, contractors, suppliers and inspectors. It focuses on structural and safety issues and does not include the architectural design of decks. Participants will receive a detailed notebook of course material.

The course objectives are:

  • Review requirements for designing and constructing a code conforming deck per the International Residential Code (2000 and 2003)
  • Review elements and procedures for inspecting an existing deck or balcony based on current building codes and engineering standards.
  • Investigate factors that determine the strength of connections (nail, bolt, lag screw), and the strength of lumber and posts used in deck construction.
  • Give procedures for selecting structural elements (joists, beams, posts) based on published design data,
  • Present load test data on four ledger-band connection details using bolts and lag screws and on several rail post to deck connection details,
  • Discuss product selection and performance issues related to transition from CCA to new treated lumber products, and
  • Learn to select code conformation wood plastic composite decking and railing systems.
One might rightly ask why spend the money on this seminar versus the typical home inspection fare? Simple, people are dying and being maimed because inspectors everywhere are missing critical details on decks. Details which, if called out, could have prevented tragedies. In the past two months alone, there have been deck collapses in Ohio and Virginia and Delaware that might have been prevented. Any inspector taking this course is positioned to become 'the' subject matter expert on deck issues in his or her area.

Inspectors will not have to register for the DeckExpo in order to attend this seminar. Cost of the seminar is $495 if paid before December 15th, $505 if paid before January 31st and $545 at the door. Space is limited, so attendees need to make their reservations as early as possible and check with their professional organization to determine how many continuing education credits the course will be worth.

For more information about this seminar, the expo and hotel accommodations click here.


Professional Deck Builder Magazine is a national trade magazine serving the deck, dock, and railing industry. Complimentary subscriptions are available to the trade, code officials, building inspectors, and other interested professionals. To subscribe to Professional Deck Builder Magazine, visit www.DeckMagazine.com or call 678.344.6283.

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Hey Mike, the "Delaware" link takes me to someplace that sells ".com" names. Thanks for the other two though, duely printed and filed for hardheads who don't want to fix anything.

The expo looks interesting (and near). I wish it weren't in Febuarary, but I might take a shot at it.

Brian G.

Deck Me! [:-fight]

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Hi Brian,

That's really weird because it takes me directly to the news station story. Don't sweat it though. It's a very short story anyway and doesn't provide any information you can't find in any one of dozens of articles found by doing a google search for "deck collapse".

OT - OF!!!


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