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Can't believe I fixed it!

John Kogel

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Beginning of Feb I bought a new laptop and learned to deal with Windows 8.

Middle of March my Asus POC has a keyboard issue. These keys have stopped working properly-N, M, H, J, Y, U, 6, 7.

Notice they are all in a diagonal row. N, H, and M are inspection letters, man.

I couldn't keep pounding on the keys 10 times to write a word.

Spellcheck accepts words like 'ad' 'i' and 'te' so that was not much help.

I can't take it back to the store because they will just ship to a geek factory somewhere. I can't wait.

It is an obsolete model so they will not give me another one, of this I am certain. Then they may ask me if I dropped it, yes, of course I dropped it, it's a tool, eh?

So here is what I did:

Took out the ten screws and unzipped the top from the bottom.

Click to Enlarge

67.6 KB

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73.5 KB

The ribbon is intact, but connection on the keyboard side flexes in the middle, where the bad keys are. I cut a little pad from a chunk of dense foam, out of some appliance, I think.

Click to Enlarge

52.66 KB

Attached it to the keyboard ribbon connection with some tape so it cushions the connection.

Fixed it! What a POC, tho.

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