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Underpinning Brick Foundation 100 yr Old House

Mike Lamb

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How big is the house?

It's not complicated. The one's I've seen run anywhere from $40,000 - 100,000.

The most interesting one I've watched was in Lincoln Park. The guy excavated the rear yard down a ways, then drove a Bobcat through the rear foundation wall and used the 'Cat to clear out the basement.

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The house is small with about a 20 x 40 footprint and 3 wythe brick walls. I was told underpinning but can't say for sure. The foundation also has heavy seepage. The best way to deal with that on a brick foundation is from the outside which isn't going to happen. They were given a verbal estimate of about $30K. I am very skeptical as to how they will achieve a nice dry, livable basement for that cost.

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If budget permitted they would be better off lifting house and building a new foundation. Otherwise benching is easier than underpinning. If the foundation has concrete footings then they may be able to excavate 4 to 5 feet lengths at a time. Usually they do one third at a time. Of course, the cost will vary quite a bit depending on the depth they need to excavate.

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