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Electric system scan, need help with pricing

Tom Raymond

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Just received a call for a commercial project. Insurance company is requiring a thermal scan of the electrical system and 5 production machines, interpretation of images and recommendactions for any needed corrective actions. Two buildings 20ksf and 12ksf.

The technical portion is not beyond my skillset, appropriately pricing the service is. What does this kind of get go for?


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Are you being asked for a fixed price? A single visit to capture a point in time, or multiple visits to establish a baseline and then followup to look at trends? As a starting point, I imagine somewhere in the range of $100-200 per hour plus travel and expenses. Are they going to provide a licensed electrician to open equipment? Might need to look at how that works before committing to a price.

There used to be good discussion at the Snell Group forum called "IR Talk" but it appears they don't maintain it anymore.

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