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I just finished an inspection on new construction and this setup has me running in circles. The wh is the smaller pipe and the mid efficient furnace is the bigger. Is this setup ok? I know the smaller appliance should enter above, but how about behind? The wh flue is on a higher plane. Thanks, Pete Normally we have 2 days to send out reports but buyer is paying extra for fast report. So I am under the gun.

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It wouldn't pass in Michigan. Your concerns are valid. Also the junction is too close to the ell compounding the concern. The power vented furnace could indeed have the exhaust gasses pushed back down the WH vent with this configuration.

Having said that, did it pass the local inspector's keen eye?

Is there any clearance between the smoke pipe and what looks like a gas line?


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Hats off to George, many thanks for your rapid assistance. I owe you a beer for sure, maybe at some conference.

The clearance issue would not fly here. Even if you could get a city inspector out they would never care about that.

As a builder I am very familiar with the city inspection process. It is a joke, the only inspections that are always done is Finish plumbing (to authorize a gas meter), Final construction, and Final electric (which is often after the temporary CO has been issued and the home is occupied. NYC may also spot check for the rough plumbing but the plumber just files papers saying he promises he did it right. That is it no framing, no rough electric, no rough mechanicals, no foundation, no pre-backfill, no pre electric meter (the utility company does check to see that the service equipment is proper and that a ground exists).

I think it is due to this ridiculous inspection schedule that we are seeing an increase in inspections on New Construction in our area.

Thanks again for your help. I really appreciate it, if you ever need anything you have the number.


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