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Advice on Asphalt Sheet Siding removal


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Hi, my wife and I are considering buying a multi-family, semi-detached home in Queens, NY and the siding is asphalt shingle siding. The siding is crumbling a bit here and there (all low, bottom shingles) and I was wondering: since the shingles might contain asbestos, if we decide to remove the siding and replace it, would we have to hire a licensed asbestos removal company to do it? Any advice you could give would be greatly appreciated.

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How many units are in the structure? Federal EPA says not required for structures of 4 or fewer units. State requirements may be more stringent than federal requirements.

EPA NESHAPS-Asbestos 40 CFR Part 61, Subpart M

1.A.1. The NESHAP does not cover roofing projects on single family homes or on residential buildings containing four or fewer dwelling units. 40 CFR 61.141. For other roofing renovation projects, if the total asbestos-containing roof area undergoing renovation is less than 160 ft2, the NESHAP does not apply, regardless of the removal method to be used, the type of material (Category I or II), or its condition (friable versus nonfriable).

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