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Conversion Progress

Michael Brown

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Just a quick update on progress. Most of the images have gone up but some are 0 bytes. Users images with names that start with M and many N are 0 byte so they are being reprocessed now and should be re-uploaded soon. 

We have written and tested a script to fix the topic attribution and will try and apply that tonight.

There are still quite a few changes ahead but these have a high priority.

If you find one of your posts with some code that didn't get converted quite right (youtube vids etc.) go ahead and do an edit.

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Please report any broken/missing thumbnails and or images. Post a link to the topic.

The new forum is case sensitive unlike the old Windows forum software. If you decided to capitalize your user name sometime in the past many of your image links could be broken. If that's the case I will have to run a replace in the database.

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