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London Fire Article

Chad Fabry

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I'm sure you've heard about the fire in London.
Here's Listiburek's take on the whole thing.
Joe Listiburek is really smart. He's highly educated and he deals with complex subjects. While you're reading about the fire, I urge you to take note of his writing style- it is exactly what Jimmy was talking about in his series of excellent tutorials.
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22 minutes ago, Marc said:

I'll buy his fluency with his subject material but this article isn't the best example of his writing style, it borders on lunacy.  He's becoming more and more unbridled.

When you're dealing with an esoteric subject matter and you're writing for a broad audience, it's very challenging to make an article readable enough to compel any but the most ardent reader to finish it. I think "unbridled" is exactly the right approach. The article is understandable to a very broad audience. If he clenched his ass cheeks, pursed his lips and scowled while he wrote it, nobody would read it.

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