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ISO Class III...???


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hello again...

In my travels this week, I inspected a building that had:

Steel Roof Trusses
Metal Stud Exterior Walls, sheetrocked on the inside; & sided w/ T1-11 wood panels on the exterior (at least I believe they were metal studs...looked like 2X6 nominal...maybe cold-formed load bearing exterior wall metal studs?)

The building was constructed in the 1990's (according to the insured).

Is this an ISO Class III (light non-combustible)...???...or is it ISO Class I simply because it's frame construction?

(reason I'm asking is...I've never come across steel roof trusses on a frame building)





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I'm assuming this inspection was a loss control survey for an underwriter.  A building inspection would identify type, not insurance class.  After the '08 crash, I did alot of work for commercial insurers for 2 years. 

If you confirmed the steel wall framing, you might be able to consider it mixed construction and then try to apply the 2/3 rule.  Cold-rolled, light-gauge framing supporting loads however, is more likely to be class 1. Where there any interior load bearing walls?



Unprotected light gauge steel is Class 1

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