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Hi All,

For anyone who's shaky on electrical, I've uploaded some U.S. Army Correspondence Sub-Courses on Electical Systems into the downloads section.

These are very basic military electricians training courses for those who are unfamiliar with electrical systems. They are more about installing systems than inspecting them. However, understanding how a system is supposed to be installed is half the battle when it comes to inspecting it, so these may be beneficial for some of you.

These have some basic knowledge quizzes but are minus the examinations because the exams are turned in when you complete the course and aren't returned. However, everything that's in the quizzes is always in the final exam anyway, so use the quizzes to find your weaknesses and then bone up on those areas.

To access these, go to "Resources" on the menu above, click on "Downloads" and then scroll down to the bottom of the menu, where you will find:

  • Subcourse 5141 - Installing Service Entrance Systems
  • Subcourse 5142 - Installing Electrical Boxes
  • Subcourse 5143 - Installing Conduit Systems
  • Subcourse 5144 - Installing System, Equipment and Component Grounds
  • Subcourse 5145 - Installing Convenience Devices
I'm having a little trouble uploading the last one in the series - Subcourse 5146 Install Circuit Protective Devices - so if anyone wants that one they need to e-mail me directly at hausdok@msn.com and I'll E-mail them a copy of it.




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