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Goverment and Taxes

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Why be sorry, Brian?

Indeed he was a great man. I read several books about him by those closest to him. All admit he was not brilliant, but he had a simple ardent wisdom that would not yield or compromise. At times his advisors were concerned with his stances and were not truly on board with him, but later had to admit with amusement and amazement just how right he was.

A couple stories from those books:

The last time he rode his horse he became disoriented and nearly fell. As someone close to him approached to inform him that was his last ride, the President cut him off and with a sad reassuring smile said, "I know, it's ok!"

Near the end of his life when he could not communicate very well any more he simply reached out and grasped the hand of his body guard and kissed it. As they say, a picture's worth a thousand words.

I voted for him and thought to myself, gosh the international world must think us awfully fickle to make a movie star president. He turned out to be one shining star.

It was rich to hear most of the world admit just how great he truly was at his passing. And, saying goodbye to him was one misty eyed ordeal for me.

Here's to Ronald Reagan, a truly great American!

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Originally posted by mgbinspect

Why be sorry, Brian?

If you go to the page where all of the forums are listed, under Open Discussion Forum (Chit-Chat) it says "Discuss anything you want here, except politics and religion"; so we're a bit out of bounds. Not a great biggie, but still...

Brian G.

All Posters on This Thread Must Report to the Firing Squad at Dawn [xx(] [:D]


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Oh, well. Guilty as charged. I'm afraid I tend to just go with the flow. (Need more time and practice with all this. While I've inspected for 14 years, I'm brand new to all these boards.)

I hope you guys will look me up at future conventions and introduce yourselves personally! (MGB Publications, Inc. www.mgbpublications.com) At the last three conventions many did and it was great!


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