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How to lean a ladder against a roof slope


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So I've been painting my house.  The siding and undersides of the eaves are done now, but I still need to go around the house and paint the fascia boards on the eaves (which are a different color).  So for the sides of my house where the edge of the roof slopes, I don't see how I can lean the ladder against that sloping roof (on an 8-12 pitch) with out the ladder wanting to twist slightly -- which doesn't seem ideal.

Alternatively, I could lean the ladder against the side of the house (as I did while painting it), but then I'd sort have to reach back to reach the fascia board -- which doesn't seem like a good idea either.

The last time I had the fascias painted, the job was done as an adder task by some roofers that were replacing my shingles.  The way the kid (20 year old) did it was to lie on his belly on the roof with his head hanging over the edge and painting the fascia -- looked pretty crazy to me -- but he moved so casually up there he gave me the impression he'd spent more time on roofs than on the ground.

Is there some way to use a ladder standout to more easily reach my fascia boards on the sloped side of my house?



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Seems like all the standoffs I see advertised are shown with aluminum ladders, but I've got one of those orange fiberglass type IA extension ladders (28-foot) made by Davidson.  Do I need a standoff specially designed for these larger ladders?

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Isn't Davidson made by Louisville? I'd call them with your ladder model number and ask them for the correct standoff. 

Just browsing the web, I see that some standoffs say they can be used on any extension ladder and some spell out limitations. 

By the way, I lean my ladder against roof rake boards all the time. I just angle it so that the rungs both touch the angled edge of the roof at the same time. It works fine, but I'm not painting. If you do that while painting, you'll constantly be in your own way. 

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