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Faux vent fan

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Those work just fine Jim, you just aren't familiar with the new IDP technology.  Inter-dimensional Portal suction devices aren't operated by a switch. You just need to know the correct invocation incantation for exhausting to another dimension.  Recite the wrong one and nasty odors from the other dimension blow into the room.

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I remember an inspector from the Olympia area, Andy Lally, telling me years ago about how he discovered where an HVAC contractor failed to install an upstairs air return. Weeks later he was contacted by the buyer to reinspect the same home because the seller reported that an air return had been installed. Andy returned to the home, climbed the stairs and found a very nice air return grill on the wall near the floor of the upstairs hallway. He bent down to look inside and noticed that it seemed to be unusually dark in there. Taking out a screwdriver, he extended the tip through the grill to discover that the drywall behind the grill had been painted flat black.

The buyer stalked away - never to return.

I've always thought that incident is an example of how little regard/respect many builders hold for home inspectors in general.

Who to thank for that?

Maybe the so-called "professional" associations that for decades have perpetuated the idea that, to get jobs in this business, an inspector doesn't need to really know much about home inspections - just how to suck up to real estate agents and not be too picky when doing an inspection.



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