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Sun Nuclear Model #1027

Wayne Wildermuth

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Sun Nuclear sells them each and every day. They came out with a new model with some variations but did not release them to the public yet. I took a look at two of the models at InspectionWorld in Ft Lauderdale and I was impressed.

Call them and maybe they are releasing the 1027's at a better price. You can negotiate yah know.

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We have looked at the 1029 and the 1028. The 1028 is going to be the new basic model at about $700 and the 1029 is around $1800. We started with the 1025's, moved into the 1027s just a couple years ago. I liked the exterior light sequence on the 1025 better than the 1027, but the reliability was not as good.

Anyway, it would seem there is a bunch of older models out there, as nearly every inspector in Mich has at least 2-3 units and dozens of inspectors go out of business every year. I suspect PA is similiar.

Maybe they are sold at garage/tag sales.

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