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Tesla Tap


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Good day all. I'm coming across more and more taps these days with all these electric cars. I try and understand them but dang the rules can get confusing. Especially this set up since it's tapped off a sub panel feeder after the main disconnect. I'm left wondering about this installation. 

Here's the set up;

-150 amp main disconnects at the meter.

-50 amp tap for the Tesla tapped off the feeder between the main disconnect and the sub panel inside the home. 

Shouldn't the neutral wires be isolated at the tap enclose under their own bus bar and the equipment ground wires bonded to the panel enclose? Currently they're both secured under the same bus bar. 

Is the tap protected by the main disconnected at the meter? Or should there be a separate breaker at the tap enclose? 








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Neutral and EGC should be joined at only one location. They're joined in that box in the 2nd photo and most likely they're joined up again in the main disconnect too so things are looking foul.  The problem with joining up the neutral and EGC at multiple locations is that between those locations, a portion of the neutral current is going to take to the EGC and the EGC is not ever supposed to carry neutral current.

I don't recall an electric car charger as one of several permitted excuses for a tap on a feeder so that's fouled up too.

I'd write it.  Get a sparky to examine the entire service entrance.  Write it before you get started on the egg nog.

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