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HVR attic unit-no Safety drip pan below?


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I'm starting to see HRV (Heat Recovery Ventilators) units installed in attics with only two, clear PVC drain lines coming out of them ( I assume a primary and and secondary drain) but no Safety drip pan below the unit? Here in AZ our climate is mostly dry but during summer Monsoon rains I bet those HRV's get a work out removing moisture. Would it not be a best practice to have a drain pan under them in case of leaks from the condensation removal system?

Thanks a bunch


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I have no idea. I disclaim them as not part of the inspection and often cannot even get near them, but seems to me that any water condensing unit located above a finished ceiling should be additionally equipped with a pan (and drain pipe) under it. Monitoring devices or cut off switches can and do malfunction-then you got water damage.

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