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Wow... Google is just whacked!

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I searched Randy Navarro Home Inspector Seattle hoping to find my website.

I was not found except through 3rd party sites--Zillow, ActiveRain, etc. Some of the links are outdated with old information. Some of those links didn't even connect to my web page.

Even more troubling is that other home inspector's sites appeared simply because they paid.

I'm the first to admit I'm probably way behind on the tech curve, but really?

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I'm not an expert in search optimization, but there's some really easy things you can do. 

If'n you want your site to show up in any search results using the phrase "Randy Navarro Home Inspector Seattle" , those words need to be on your home page.

  • "Randy Navarro" isn't on the page, just Randy
  • "Seattle" isn't on the page.

Also, you need a security certificate so your site address begins with https. Google doesn't like sending folks to non-secure sites.

If you want it to show up even higher in the search results, get links to your site from other highly rated sites.   Putting a link in your signature here will eventually get Googles attention.

Animated text slows the load time and may affect the ranking.

There should be meta tags - hidden text that contains relevant keywords people would use in a search.

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