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Broken Arrow

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One of the founders of this Seattle start-up is a long term flipper who wants to consolidate and control all data on every home inspection done in the country.

Everything is standardized for easy data sorting, including the reporting software.

Wants to eventually get control of appraisers too.

Will he succeed? In pushing us all out? Replacing us with his minions?


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...thanks for posting, Marc.  I don't think Big Data is capable of conquering so much ground as long as they don't get nods from authority.

I booked a job with a multi-state company called FixPads, and after looking up their online profile and checking with county inspectors I refused the job by raising my fee based on what I learned.

They are bottom feeders that patch up distressed property and market it as "rent to own" to people with bad credit.  Most "sales" end up as repo's so they sell same site over and over.

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