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couple of things:  foundation health is hard to define.  foundation condition is quite important.  Drainage is the most important factor for us in the Mid-west and northwest.  Always important.  Of course, if you live on a slab of concrete then drainage loses some of it's importance.  And - there are many components to a house foundation and any one could have a problem.  Sill, plate, vapor barrier, wall, knee wall, floor post, pillar post, tile, gravel fasteners, material, type of wood, etc.  Often it is just easy to tell them "you have a foundation therefore you will have a problem".  Eventually. 

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19 hours ago, VegasFoundation said:

With so many factors influencing foundation health, what would be one key piece of advice you'd give homeowners for preventing foundation problems before they happen?

I've never discussed foundation health.  If I did, I would probably advise that it avoid ultra-processed foods and exercise regularly.

The advice given can only be based upon the type of foundation and the conditions at that specific property.  Probably 90% of the buildings I inspect have foundations built prior to 1900 and are constructed without a speck of concrete.  They always need maintenance, but the type of materials and methods used also depends on the above. 

As Les said, encouraging water to drain quickly away would be a common recommendation.  Considerable expert witness work has revealed that waterproofing contractors should be avoided when "fixing" old house foundations - unless you want their insurer to pay for a replacement foundation.

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