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I haven't piggybacked in about a year and a half. It's still real easy though. Anywhere in Lincoln Park there are about 200 WiFi networks available @ anytime.

The coffee wars are heating up though; we're hitting critical mass on coffee shops, and many are offering free WiFi. Easier, and you get coffee....

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All those wireless routers that everyone is installing are not encrypted; most folks don't even know they can and should be encrypted.

Pull over after the 1st inspection, boot up the laptop, go to the wireless dialog, watch as about 40-50 residential networks pop up, sign in, check email, send report, etc.

Most folks around here are getting wise to it. I only did it a few times because I could, but after a couple times I hit the "would I want someone doing this w/my network?", and I stopped. Still real easy though....

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