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Slight roof issues ...

Ron Smith

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This was on the back of the house I inspected Thursday. I gave the report and pictures to my client, recommending a roofing contractor to redo this section. My client called me Friday and said the owner told her "my brother-in-law is a contractor and he says the roof is okay and will last awhile the way it is. The shingles are in good shape." I counseled my client that the roof is not okay and is in serious condition under the shingles. My client informed me she was going to get the contractor I recommended to look at it.

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Looking at the picture, I agree it is definately an area of concern and would have included it in my report.

I do have some questions, though.

The area below the skylight, is it spongy or is it a repair with different thickness plywood? Which I would consider "poor workmanship", but not necessarily unsound.

I see damaged, lifted shingles.

I don't see any flashing.

I don't see any gutter system in this or your other pictures.

What does the rest of the roof look like?

And the ceilings below?

I would ask the squirrel if there are any leaks, since he is familiar with the attic/crawlspace, and you were unable to enter it (rightfully so).

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Definitely moisture damaged. There is evidence of moisture on the ceilings and walls inside the house. I believe I included over 25 photos of stains that indicated active and/or past issues. The buyer told me "the owner says she was going to repaint the ceilings and walls". I'll bet she was.

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By the looks of the roof, I don't think anything was done to correct any leaks. What good does she think painting will do?

But than again, with everything else that the pics show, and she still wants the house, either she is buting it extremly cheap, or what's the expression that used car salesmen use? "there's an a_s for every seat"

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Don’t know about the rest of this roof, but the skylight is obviously leaking and has rotted the decking. Usually we will replace the shingles (gaf Golden Cedar or o/c desert tan 3 tabs) around the skylight going down to where the gutter normally is. Replace the rotted plywood. It’s best to replace the skylight. Looks like a 22 ½ x 46 ½ Exarc Brand Tinted acrylic with bronze frame. You can step flash the sides on these units and install and up and over back pan to case of the back of the skylight and eliminate the need for the diverter above. I usually like to catch anything close like that wall. They can cut the siding off the roofline and install new shingles and step flashing from top to bottom to make sure it is not a problem. Sorry, no pics of skylights, but here is a pic. a wall.

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