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Crawlspace remains ...

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I found this under the house I inspected Thursday during my crawling around. I was fully suited (coveralls, gloves, respirator, hardhat, etc.)and was glad I was. When I came out, the agent was talking to a neighbor who was saying "... the lady has been looking for her cat for a long time, it must have run off". I looked over as I was getting out of my coveralls and said "I think she can quit looking. I think I found it" and went on to explain. I don't know if they let her know or not.

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Ahh, yes... Found a few remains myself through the years.

I did have the good fortune of finding a missing and nearly starved pet bunny in the crawl.

I was so close to death it was on all fours with its nose on the ground.

I came out a hero only for the kids to not heed my warning and feed it to death.

Just the same, it was a good day.

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