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Might be time for a new electrical sub-contractor?

Richard Moore

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This really bugged me today.

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New construction, 3600sf 5br/4ba home by one of the major builders. The labeling was clearly marked that the four bottom left breakers all served bedrooms. The fourth up was clearly marked master bedroom. At first I thought it was just an off-color test button but, no...once I had the cover off it was clearly marked as a GFCI breaker, clearly physically different from the AFCI breakers, and it took my GFCI tester (not AFCI) to trip the outlets in the master bedroom. Keep in mind that I have never seen a GFCI breaker in any of the panels in other new homes in this large sub-division (all receptacle GFCIs).

I guess I'm having a hard time with the sparky (or probably his apprentice} not noticing or not caring that it was clearly a different and wrong breaker type.

Ok...rant over...get back to your weekends.

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It's a good thought Troy, but it doesn't work in this case. I've done a number of new homes by this major builder in this huge development. Those that have had jetted tubs all had the GFCI protection at a receptacle in the master bath closet. None of them have had any GFCI breakers at the panel. So...no, I don't see that as a mitigating excuse. I'm guessing it's the same guy who constantly crushes or disconnects the heating ducts in the crawl. Grrrrr.

But...I'm over it now. [:-spin]

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The guy probably had "on the truck" disease; he ran out of the right thing, so he got "on the truck" to see what would fill the bill.

Personally, I'd rather have a GFCI than an AFCI; AFCI's are the silliest requirement for new construction I can think of.

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