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Can anyone recommend a GOOD web host?

My new one stinks.

I had Burlee for 3 years, no problem. Then they were bough out by Interland. I had Interland for 3 years, no problem. Then they were bought out by Web.com

I have had Web.com for two weeks and in that period of time my site has been down more than it has been up and I can no longer connect with it because they have lost Front Page extensions.


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I'm sure there pobably are local companies, but I have not even thought to look for any.

I have my web site back now but they lost 1/2 of it. I know what is missing, I just can't figure out how to put it back. I'm going to drop these people as soon as I can, before it happens again.

Thank you gentlemen. I appreciate the feed back.

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George, I had good results using http://www.deadlock.com/ for my web site hosting, design work and promotion. The main guy is in Great Britain, but email communication was not a problem. Now that I have retired and my web site is off the web, I'm willing to share this.[:-angel] I thought the fees were reasonable and about 50% of my business came through my web site.

Paul in Austin

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I have been with Yahoo for around six or seven years. Servers are never down, changes are easy and their reports are fairly simple to compile and read.

I had another site on Simplenet, they were good also.

Both of them have been around for a very long time and will most likely stay around. Are they the cheapest, No but you tend to get what you pay for.

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