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Inspectors Needed For My Safe Florida Home Program


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To help Floridians identify how they can strengthen their homes against hurricanes and to reduce hurricane damage exposure, the Florida Comprehensive Hurricane Damage Mitigation Program is offering free home inspections by qualified hurricane mitigation inspectors to eligible homeowners through a new progam called My Safe Florida Home. The program originally applied in only Broward, Dade and Lee Counties but has since spread to other parts of the state. To learn more, click here and here.other parts of the state[/url].

The Department of Financial Services has contracted with the Federal Alliance for Safe Homes --- FLASH, Inc., to conduct the pilot phase of the Program. To carry out the first round of inspections during the pilot phase, FLASH has selected two wind certification entities – JVI and Applied Research Associates (ARA). FLASH is working with the JVI and ARA - certified inspectors s to do inspections and help screen and train additional inspectors for the program.

During the pilot phase, inspectors interested in participating in the My Safe Florida Home program will need to work through JVI or ARA to undergo appropriate criminal background check, drug screening and to obtain required training before doing inspections.

To learn more about the program click here.

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Hi Herman,

Pass your cursor over the blue text in the last sentence of the initial post in this thread and you'll discover that is a hot link directly to the My Safe Florida Home site where you can find out more about the program.



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I can not seem to find the information that would help me out with getting training and a license. I would like to look into this as a career, looks to be a lot of potential for it as such. Any help would be greatful. What kind of training and licenses do you have to have to do this, and where can i get them at?[:-magnify

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Right now the entire program is at a standstill. Most of the WCE (Wind Certification Entities) were let go by the State in October for poor performance.

You need to attend one of the training classes put on by the approved vendor, and pass the test to eligible to work for a WCE.

Then you need to pass a background check, and a drug screen.

Then you have to find a WCE to subcontract the work.

It was a bumpy ride when it was operating, with much negative press concerning the entire program.

Time will tell what becomes of the program.


Read more here:

My Safe Florida Inspector info

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