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  1. With all due respect: Just curious, How is the Sheet Metal & HVAC duct industry prepared to address the issues with roof penetrations, roof coverings, and roof flashing details?
  2. It's extremely common around this part of Florida to cover the exposed lower section of flashing with the new shingles. It is applied as a decorative covering only, held down with roof cement. The flashing itself is lapped over the lower course, but is not visible unless you look for it. All roof penetrations are embedded in cement during installation as well as being flashed as necessary. I rarely see any issues with this method, as long as it is applied for decorative purposes only. Dom.
  3. I agree. For the basic tasks, 1:30 isn't necessary. Dom.
  4. It looks like an exterior installation on a stucco wall. Dom.
  5. Not necessarily on this forum. But certainly elsewhere. I admit that I have been jaded by other posters in various forums over the years, and will carry that negativity around without thinking about it. That's priceless, especially to anyone (like me) that's tried to carry on a conversation with him. Dom.
  6. Mike, I seem to recall many instances where you have edited/modified a post by another user, well, because you can. I know it's your rules and all, but nonetheless, I'd say that action places you in the "powers that be" catagory. It's not right or wrong, it just "is". You work hard to bring many resources to the users here on this board, and that's great. But some folks just don't like to bump heads with others, so they read more than they post. Dom.
  7. Rest assured, that set-up is not normal at all around here. As they say, doing it "wrong" for 30 years doesn't make it right... Dom.
  8. Drywall screws are not the fasteners specified by any cabinet manufacturer. Here is Merilat's Install guide: http://www.merillat.com/care/framed/ins ... nguide.pdf Dom.
  9. What exactly did you send to the lab? A swap, tape lift or similar? Or was it an air sample? That report is certainly light on information, but finding Cladosporium in a mold sample is almost like finding Carbon Dioxide in the air we breath; it's very common. Are these mold spots all in one room only? And only in the areas depicted in your photo? Dom.
  10. I agree, as I see that type of issue in many unventilated closets where there are no moisture intrusion problems. Dom.
  11. If you don't mind cheap blades, Harbor Freight carries the Fein knock-off as well, with an inexpensive blade set. They're good for rough work. http://www.harborfreight.com/cpi/ctaf/d ... mber=65979 Dom.
  12. That is a by-product of the internet. This board, unfortunately, has a large collection of over-inflated egos. Many of these posters will offer very good advice. Many others will insult the original poster while pretending to answer the question. One of your strengths as an inspector needs to be the ability to separate the wheat from the chaff. And to read between the lines, so to speak...[] Dom.
  13. There's a distributor near me that sells the "Streamlight Clear Polycarbonate Replacement lens" for about $1.00/each. Look here: http://www.southernce.com/prodinfo.asp?number=20160 Dom.
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