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Chad Fabry

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Common sense works real well for me, although I see wood encased (metal) hoods fairly often.

I've never noted it in any report; several mfg's. make them, and I just kinda figured they weren't all that dangerous. I mean, none of the fancy kitchens I look @ w/ the wood trimmed hoods ever get any cooking done in them; pretty much all take out, frozen pizza's, & a half lemon in a baggy in most of the SubZero's I see.

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I know this doesn't apply to the installation date, but in the IRC, section M1502, "Range Hoods" are discussed. It does not specify the hood material, but requires the exhaust duct to be galvanized/stainless steel or copper.

Section M1504 requires "overhead exhaust hoods" (for open-top broilers) to be provided with a metal hood, not less than 28 gage.

I hope the buyers have enough sense to tear out the 70s kitchen anyway.

I've never had any trouble with uploading images in Firefox.

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