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Condo Fire walls


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Sounds like the installer cut some corners. It is my impression that joint tape should be bedded in dry wall mud and a skim coat applied after that. The open seams are not proper. However I guess they are better than nothing. I would have written it up as improper fire wall installation.

Just my 2 cents which sometimes is not worth much. When I give my kids advice they start coughing and their eyes glaze over. They have a college education so how could I know anything[:-graduat[:-bigmout.

Paul B.

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Thanks Paul. I called it the same way. It was actually painted on with thinned down JC. The cost of repair isn't more than a couple hundred, and the buyer can deal with it. I am very fortunate both of my kids are young and they still think I'm smart. It is kind of cute.[:-paperba

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