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Kaplan & ITA Announce a Beginners E & O Program


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Kaplan Professional Schools (KPS) and Inspection Training Associates (ITA) have just announced Pay Per Inspection, a new program specifically designed to assist new home inspectors who've graduated from one of the KPS ITA courses to obtain General Liability and Errors and Omissions insurance at exceptionally low rates.

Typically, an annual basis claims-made policy with general liability insurance can cost a new home inspector $3,000 or more. This new program allows an inspector to obtain a $125,000 per occurrence/$250,000 aggregate and a one year general liability policy, along with the same limit E&O, for ten inspections, including $210 dollars worth of report forms and contracts, at a cost of $748. 50 inspections will cost $2628, including 50 inspection reports and contracts worth $1,050.

According to KPS ITA, once the cost of the report forms and contracts is factored in, the actual cost for coverage for 50 inspections is $1,578 and is much less than any other standard annual E & O policy, enabling new inspectors to use the money saved to pay for tuition at one of the KPS ITA courses.

For more information, visit the KPS ITA Pay Per Inspection website.

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Maybe I'm not reading this right. After deducting costs for materials, the cost for 50 inspections is $1578, and that's much less than the average annual rate?

I don't think that's right(?). I pay about $3200 (twice their amount) for annual coverage for roughly 6 times that many inspections (300 residential gigs a year), w/coverage to a million dollars. I think FREA has similar coverage for substantially less than I'm paying.

Am I missing something? Is it occurrence insurance, or claims made? If it's claims made, it's almost worthless, because one has to maintain a policy. If it's occurrence, it's a decent deal.

The kicker is one has to use their forms. Sheeesh.....

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No matter which coverage it is, it will help new guys out. I’ve had E&O from inspection #1 and it was tough in the slow mths.

It should be a personal opinion, IMHO, but I believe it is the responsible thing to do.

I spent a while at CLD talking with a new guy who had 5 inspections in his first six mths. Add his ASHI dues to the mix and how is a man to make a start?

Most would agree ITA is a decent place to start the educational process and this gesture can only help them........Crank out more inspectors. As we know even more HI's are needed in IL. The C1 I spoke with is in your area Kurt.

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