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Accessibility of junction boxes

Chris Bernhardt

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Originally posted by Chris Bernhardt

Are junction boxes required to be accessible?

For instance is it satisfactory to bury them in insulation in ceiling assemblies? I am pretty sure you can't conceal them within a wall assembly. What is the NEC article that covers this?

Chris, Oregon

314.29 Boxes, Conduit Bodies, and Handhole Enclosures to Be Accessible. Boxes, conduit bodies, and handhole enclosures shall be installed so that the wiring contained in them can be rendered accessible without removing any part of the building or, in underground circuits, without excavating sidewalks, paving, earth, or other substance that is to be used to establish the finished grade.

Exception: Listed boxes and handhole enclosures shall be permitted where covered by gravel, light aggregate, or non-cohesive granulated soil if their location is effectively identified and accessible for excavation.

Until I looked it up, I was unaware of that most peculiar exception.

I don't see a problem with burying a j-box in insulation as long as someone can move the insulation aside to get to it.

- Jim Katen, Oregon

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