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Log Home inspection guide lines?

K Vander Warf

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You know, Kevin. I know that I've got something around here. I just have to remember what and where it is. In the meantime, maybe these links will get your started:

http://www.ctinspectors.com/Data/newsle ... _1_feb.pdf

http://www.logassociation.org/resources ... ndards.pdf

http://www.uaf.edu/ces/publications/fre ... -00752.pdf

http://www.uaf.edu/ces/publications/fre ... -01154.pdf



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When I've been asked to do a log home, I inform the client that I'm not a specialist and encourage them to consider hiring a log home expert if they really want to know the specifics of that particular building. For instance, type of log, type of chinking, style / method of joints etc.

I also ensure them that I can provide a worthwhile inspection because other than the logs, all the other components are probably the same as a typical wood frame building.

BTW, it also wouldn't take a log home expert to identify rot or other 'normal' wood issues that might be relevant to the logs.

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Hi Kevin,

That's a great site. Guess I better get to work and establish a log-home section in TIJ's links library and start transferring some of these links into there. Whew! That's going to take a while. Oh well, wasn't doing anything today except grading papers anyway. Still....

ONE TEAM - ONE (Sometimes exhausting) FIGHT!!!


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