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VOIP, Skype or Other?

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This is a sister thread to that other one looking for ideas on how to save some money.

Downloaded the free version of SKYPE to demo the video conferencing feature so grandparents could chat with the kids.

It worked terribly.

Dumped it and found SightSpeed, (sightspeed.com). Works wonderfully so far.

I'm seeing a lot of SKYPE tage on people's contact info. recently.

Are y'all having success with SKYPE and is it truly replacing all your traditional phones, faxes etc.?

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Hi Randy,

I have both Skype and Vonage. Vonage is my primary because Skype is free only to other skype users, but it's nice to be able to use Skype to be able to reach someone overseas without spending a dime.

I haven't tried the video thing yet. Keep meaning to, but I have such bad luck with computers that the prospect of trying to set it up intimidates the hell out of me.



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My wife and I use Skype at least a few hours per week. Her entire family and most of her friends are back in Europe. We use Skype exclusively for overseas chats - always the video style. Sometimes though, the connection is terrible (not complaining though, it's free), most of the time it's ok. I'm excited to try sightspeed, it would be nice for the calls to be clear - now if I could just learn their language I'd be set!!!!


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I was doing some consulting work over the past 18 months and I used Vonage for the "company" phone. Company was in Denver ... I'm in Dallas.

I also signed up for Vonage for my residential dial-tone.

I got great service on the "company" phone ... now no longer doing that project and am still getting great service for residential Vonage.

Saves a "bunch".

Also blessed with "fiber to the home" and extremely high speed bandwidth.

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