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hvac just napping?


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Can anyone help me find out if this hvac unit is rated to be installed on its side?

Brand name is kenmore by international comfort products corp.Model NTC6125KJG1.

I was not able to find them listed on the web.

Even a good link to research this would be appreciated thanks to anyone who can help.

P.s it appears to have been built in 2001.

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Shoot me the image by email to hausdok@msn.com and I'll insert it in your report. For future reference, pictures have to be in jpeg format, less than 100Kb and the file name can't have any spaces or special symbols, such as parenthesis in it. Plus, if you're using netscape, it'll probably still refuse. When that happens, just click upload, browse to the file, click to upload it and then, when the window says that it's been upoaded, copy the URL displayed and past it in under your post.



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Originally posted by Richard Moore

I did find some info at furnacecompare.com that indicates that Airquest (an International Comfort Products brand) NTC6125KJ** furnaces might be either up flow or horizontal flow. I'm not sure what the last 2 digits (the G1) mean but it does seem likely that it's OK.

Had the same issue a couple weeks ago with a Heil furnace (Heil is one of the many divisions of Internation Comfort) I was able to e-mail them with the model # and they got right back to me with an answer & pdf file of the installers instructions (it was not a sideflow furnace) - If this link doesn't work the way I'm loading it, shoot me an e-mail and I will send you back their customer service e-mail address or the web site.


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