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New: Free Downloadable Pubs From the APA

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The APA-Engineered Wood Association is constantly producing new publications that are of inestimable value to serious Home Inspectors and Building Scientists, and can be downloaded free at their website.

Most recently, APA has released an updated version of the Gluelam Product Guide - This updated brochure describes APA EWS trademarked glulam, addresses important design considerations, and includes a specification guide. It's available as a free 1.4Mb PDF download or for purchase through APA's bookstore at $4 per copy.

The Wood Promotion Network has published a series of fact sheets on green building and environmental topics. These fact sheets are available from APA in print or as downloadable PDFs.

  • Home Builder Guidelines discusses the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Model Green Home Building Guides and LEED for Homes, as well as various local programs offered by many individual cities. Form WP G335, no charge.
  • LEED® vs. Green Globesâ„¢ discusses the similarities of and differences between these two programs. Form WP G330, no charge.
  • The Role of Life Cycle Assessment discusses how wood compares to other materials over its entire life cycle and provides tools for assessing life cycle impacts. Form WP G340, no charge.
  • Using Wood to Fight Climate Change discusses how the use of wood products fights climate change. Form WP G345, no charge.
Field Notching and Drilling of Laminated Veneer Lumber, provides recommendations for field notching, tapering and drilling of LVL beams. It is available only as a free downloadable PDF file. Form EWS G535.

APA has also revised some of its publications:

To download any of these publications online, users may need to register as a 'member' at the APA site. This is a painless, 2-minute process and they do not blanket you with spam or sell your information to third parties.

An excellent site to spend an afternoon browsing and learning how to be better at what we do.

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