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Sanford Maps

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I only recently became aware of Sanford Maps. Originally used by the insurance industries around the turn of the century to help them determine risk of particular areas or specific houses, they are now used by those interested in researching the origins of buildings or neighborhoods for historic restoration.

I've been searching everywhere, but can only find Sanford Maps for Pautuxet (sp?).

Anyone know where there is a source for Sanford Maps for the rest of the US?

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Try Jstor. They are an archiving company with offices at almost every major university in the world. This seems like the kind of thing they would have - my sister works at their University of Michigan office. I think that the website is jstor.org and you should be able to set up a trial account.


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I'm quite sure your looking for Sanborn fire insurance maps. I've used them occasionally for research and personal interest. The earliest I've seen is 1891, but a large majority in collections are post 1920, which is much later than the buildings I'm dealing with.

Check with your State U, other institutions or State Historical Society. I can access historical maps for my area online, at no cost at Rutgers U for NJ and Penn State for PA.


I've also found earlier panoramic maps online here:


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