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More about "professionalism" (sorta)

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I do not participate in any type of online forum where people do not show mutual respect - primarily because I like to be happy.

Don't get me wrong, I love a good strong debate where punches are neither pulled nor misdirected (personal). That requires two important elements; mutual respect and intelligence.

TIJ is a unique HI gathering place in my experience because it has both of those elements. We should not take this for granted.

You might not know who Kathy Sierra is, but she is a very positive individual with a very positive blog. She is popular in tech/geek circles and no longer speaks publicly because of sexual and life threats from persons who just like to do that sort of thing.

Since I've come to know TIJers a bit, I thought you might appreciate some of the graphs, charts, cartoons she has posted at the following (be sure to scroll down far enough to see them!): http://headrush.typepad.com/creating_passionate_users/

Just a shout out to Mike and everyone here for being so damn cool!

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Call me crazy, but I like a moderated site. It's one of the biggest reasons why TIJ is what it is. Trolls and idiots cannot run wild here and thumb their noses at all the reasonable, intelligent people who are trying to help build something worthwhile. Mike takes care of the trolls, bless his heart, and the members usually take care of the idiots. After a while about all that's left is group of genuine human beings who can both dish it out and take it, in the right spirit.

This site has been an enormous help to me in learning this profession. A tip of the hat to all who have contributed to that; especially to Mike, and the architects of the site, Mike & Rose. Thank You. [:-angel]

Brian G.

The Beat Goes On [:-graduat

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