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Got a place that's Dryvit/TAFS system on (I think) Durock, or similar stone board. Foam drivit details around the windows.

Got a European insisting "is good stuff; real stucco" and extolling the virtue of acrylic finish, etc.

I'm talking about drainage planes, weep screed, water mgt., drip caps, flashings, door pans, etc.

We are having a failure to communicate.

Anyone got a single document that explains w/pictures what I'm talking about? I have various & sundry flashing details, and some are adequate, but I'm looking for something definitive on EIFS/Dryvit installation details, possibly w/explanations of the problems that accrue from doing it the *wrong* way.

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Hi Kurt,

Start here:


Then you can peruse the various EIFS manufacturers' sites for specs, etc. to your heart's content. The dryvit link takes you to the info on their site. Just skip over the intro.

Here're some more. The last one is the link to the discussion forums on the Association Of Walls & Ceilings site. That site is populated by a bunch of good 'ol boys in the plastering/drywall/eifts business. Go over there and post the same question and I bet they'll be only too happy to help. I used to hang out there years ago, but haven't had much time to drop in there since I started TIJ and got involved with JLC.

http://www.eima.com/specialinterests/ho ... essionals/



OT - OF!!!


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