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Strange Valve on the Well Head???

Kyle Kubs

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I've never seen one of these before. It's screwed right into a tapping at the top of the well head. The buyers stated that during a previous visit to the house it was spraying water almost continuously and that the area around the well casing was saturated. Anyone know what this is?

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That cap looks like it's meant for a hand to grab and turn. Most valves that I see on the top of well heads look different than that. A well contractor told me if water is coming out of that valve from an artesian condition, it could cause a problem with freezing and damaging the well head.

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It appears to be an older valve that was modified for this purpose. I have seen many different variations of home made fittings used to control the overflow. Most, however, just have a hose hanging over the side. This may have been a flow valve of some type as is indicated by the arrow. But if you look close there does not appear to be enough strength in the cap to be used as an active off and on.

There are very few artesian wells that actually do freeze when they discharge. The ground water being around the low to mid 50's keeps the air in the casing warm enough. Some do build up a little ice from time to time but I have never seen one freeze solid.

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John is right about the freezing.

In the town where I grew up there was an artesian well that ran continuously out of a stone ledge. Someone had capped it with concrete and had stuck a pipe in it, so the pipe extended horizontally for about 3-4 ft. Plenty of folks in town used to go over there and load up on water, because it tasted better than the water from the town's reservoir. The thing ran 24/7/365 regardless of the weather and even in the coldest winters, when everything was snowed in and frozen solid down to 4+ ft. below grade, that water continued to run.



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We used to fill up my grandpa's buick w/glass gallon jugs, go out to an old artesion spring in the country, fill up, and have spring water for drinking.

That well ran continuously all year.

Now, if anyone finds an artestian well, they pave it, and name the development "Artesion Spring Estates".

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There's a well like that at the local Marine Post. Folks fill bottles all day.

I was told that water originated in Canada. Used to fill the coolers for my worksites there.


To me it looks like a diffuser, not a turn handle. I suspect that the plugged end at some point was (or could be) the feed to that tank. Or is there another feed somewhere that can't be seen in the pic?

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