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Missing fireplace & chimney

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Hi Jerry,

I didn't miss that when you submitted it Jerry, but you have to take your turn in the gueue for that home page display. There are about 20 pictures waiting to go in there ahead of you. One of these days, we're going to fix that danged photo gallery. I've broken it up into different categories, roofing, exteriors, etc.. but for some reason it's fighting me and won't let me upload right now.

We'll get this thing built eventually. One brick, a little mortar, one brick, a little mortar, one brick, a little.......



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Jim, I see Mae is alive and well? (or at the very least her memory)

Thanks Bob, but the anatomy doesn’t look right.

Gee Mike and all this time I thought a Queue was a ponytail? Sorry if I went out of turn, but I followed protocol, or at least I thought I did? [:-crazy]

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