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Doorbell signal chart

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I saw this sign at the back door of a house today. I can't decide if it's for real or just a gag gift sign:



There is a list of 50 possible visitors to the house and the corresponding Morse Code-like pattern of rings that the visitor would use to announce who is calling.

After announcing who is at the door, the caller waits for one of eight possible replies.

The visitor list includes the butcher, the baker, but no candlestick maker. I saw inspector listed, so I dutifully signalled with two short, two long and one short ring. I waited ....... and waited ...... I didn't wait too long though, since the house was vacant.[;)]

Engraved at the bottom is: Copyrighted 1933 in U.S.A. and 1937 in Canada by Michael Slawiensky".

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