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Zip cord to exterior light fixture

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Originally posted by Chris Bernhardt

Oops, never mind. Dam thing suppose to be grounded, so the answer should be no, its wrong. I should get some sleep.

Chris, Oregon

First, in addition to the grounding problem, branch circuits aren't supposed to be wired with anything less than #14. (310.5)

Next, while zip cord has some legitimate uses -- pendants for instance -- it must always be installed in a dry location. (T 400.4)

Lastly, 400.8 contains a laundry list of things you're not supposed to do with cord and that picture shows several of them. (Substitute for the fixed wiring of a structure; run through holes in walls; attached to building surfaces; portions concealed by walls; subject to physical damage; etc, etc.)

- Jim Katen, Oregon

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