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Another quick way to determine your ip address from either win 98 or win xp pro is to do the following;

1.) click start

2.) choose run

3.) run "command" without the quotes

4.) while in the dos window type "ipconfig", again without the quotes.

Will give ya your ip address, but the slick thing is you can now /release your ip address or /renew your ip address. Other fun commands from the "dos" prompt include netview and similar stuff. Additionally you could always dtermine what ports you have open for silly script kids to enter your system with.

Nothing is more fun than browsing a machine that has a broadband connection and determining where folks like to browse or what their credit card number is.

Well, guess the irish whiskey has kicked in and loosened my fingers to type more than necessary.

BTW, little hint here, I am related to the "gadfly" of your forums and have really enjoyed browsing for the last couple of days. You all seem like a swell lot of fellas.

CW . . . Chinesse . . .

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