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Extra Breakers in Service Enclosure


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1972 Mobile Home (yikes already!)

Service enclosure in this picture is outside. Service cables come up the gutter in the left-hand side of the box and feed to the main lugs.

Then, the 200 amp breaker feeds the sub-panel inside the home.

The breakers below the 200 amp main feed a detached building.

The added breakers are illegal, yes?

Image Insert:


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You've got one too many breakers there Randy and you need to make sure that both panels downstream - the manufactured home and the detached structure - are configured as sub-panels.

It looks like a Sylvania-Zinsco main panel; I'd recommend replacement on that basis alone.

OT - OF!!!


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Well, looks like I need to get educated here. I'll stick my foot in it again.

The reason this looked so funny to me is a) exterior enclosures are rare here and I've certainly never seen one set up this way and b)I've never really pondered how a main breaker actually works.

I've always though that a main breaker was an "overcurrent" protection for the breakers it was supplying. The reality is its just a way to shut the electricity off when needed. True? If yes, then the 6 hand-movement rule is glaringly obvious.

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