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Brick veneer question


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Do you have a closeup pic of the lintel at the top right corner of the window? The location of that expansion joint may be ok if they detailed this area properly. The lintel and the brick to the right of the window need to be able to move separately from each other.

See figure 6 on page 5 of BIA technote 18A: http://www.brickinfo.org/BIA/technotes/t18a.pdf

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Jeeze, I thought Bob E from Chicago asked the question "What is wrong here?"

Being an astute inspector, the first thing I thought of was he had a little too much to drink and had fallen and accidentally taken that photo. The fumes in the basement do get to me if I don't run the fart fan!

Two of the better inspectors had already answered his question anyway.

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Brandon's point is well taken; if the lintel detail isn't correct, it's a leaker, plain & simple.

This being Chicago, w/a window where it shouldn't be, and an unfinished joint, it's clear this is a very loose end, and no one has even thought about it a tiny bit.

Lots of head scratching from one end, lots of assurances that everything will be fine from the other end......

I'd run.

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Not drinking,but began seeing pretty colors around streetlights when I licked this off the wall behind that section.

Image Insert:


28.51 KB

Does it matter that it was daytime?

Seriously though,I did find it a strange location for the joint and mold was all over the bottom 18 inches of drywall in the middle of the garden unit.

My client is moving to the third floor,but I could not resist entering the open door in the name of looking for the main water shutoff.

P.S Les thanks for the link.

Scott what about Bob? should have been the standard response

I was not sure if that window location was allowed,and how important the expansion joint is at this later stage of construction.

That mold is either from an open set of windows during last weeks storm or the lack of expansion joints as far as I can tell.

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